Friday, March 9, 2007

Writing my first blog

I knew writing the first sentence can be difficult. But it’s more complex than I imagined.

Suggestions of topics, topic titles, the 5Ws and 1 H, the pyramid, even the inverted pyramid can’t help at times. Start with an introduction, build on the main matter, and then conclude – easier said than done. Doesn’t help.

Toothaches, tasteless, flattened chewing gums, hot cups of coffee devilishly gulped, burning eyes. Doesn’t help.

The winter is receding. The temperature outside is above freezing point. The tops of the pine trees lining my garden are swaying with the wind. They talk of the spring. The urge burning within me rises!

Still. The wide green landscape, spotted with shrubs and poodles of melted ice, the azure sky, speckled with light sailing clouds, the hint of a forest bordering the horizon, the promise of a sunshine – they only lure me. Oblivious of the task at hand, I trod into the old world of dreams and laziness. Only to be woken up, moments later, by a sense of dissatisfaction and urgency. I have a task to finish. Right now. What if this is not a compulsion, what if I have given myself this job!

But, etching the first stroke is so difficult.

Before today, writing was not so tricky to me. How could it be – I was writing articles, snippets, releases, web pages, and other documents for so long. The problem started when I thought I would write my own blog. Writing for myself, to be concealed in the box, was not uncommon. But a blog! For the world to spot!! Huh! That’s a little difficult, as I can see.

One of my readers might look for a point, a logic, or a message in my post. But what if I provide none? What if there are no sides to take, no format to adhere to, no wish to be made? Does then sense recede?

I shrugged off the questions. I told them - go find an SME.

Something was pushing deep inside me. An unrest, rolling, jumping, and trying to release itself into the world. As if I have eaten something bad! The world seems so silent. Except the monotonous droning of the computer. Is it the sound of birth? It’s an uneasy feeling. As if I am struck with the absence of a plan, a material purpose.

Now that I am trying to take it out is a different experience, but all of last night and yesterday and the day before and the night preceding that held my consciousness – as if trying to tell me something I couldn’t properly hear. Fumbling, guessing, I was trying to find my way out through a puzzle!

Somehow, I have learnt the answer to the puzzle today. I knew it all through this morning. And so I am here – striving to put down the initial sentence. I have also known - once the ice breaks, and there is warmth all around, the imperceptible will come out tumbling. Flowing softly, smoothly, silkily.

So, my immediate task at hand is to make my first mark; to break the ice, to begin a journey. It is, as if to say, I am here – listen to me too. And hence, here is my first post.

Did I break the ice? Or make a mark?

Only time will say.

The ‘imperceptible’ that is fighting inside me to come out is just getting ready. I have yet to set things straight and fitting for it to come out. I hope, I will hear from all of you the welcome song.

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Shrimoyee said...

Just like the very first sentence of this blog, I found that writing a comment on something so exacting about a writer's first blog can be equally very challenging.
I'm sure every person who has tried to write even one line for themselves has faced the same knotty feeling in their stomach and their fingers froze around their pens (or keypad) in the same way.
Great effort Swati! And look, it turned out to be as smooth as butter.
I'm hungry now to read more of your delectable blogs on sculptures, beauty, art and passion, so wish me Bon Appetite!