Monday, March 12, 2007

Get rid of your writer’s block

Did you know the gallons of steaming black coffee that we gulp down while working hard on our copies or writing assignments doesn’t actually help! What would have helped, rather, is a few minutes of brisk walking or any other physical exercise. Well, I am not trying to talk about ways to reduce your calorie consumption or develop good food habits. Writing – for the Web, for the print, for the ad copy, or any other form of professional writing – is what I am trying to hint at. And I am trying to share my experience for those times when you stop writing simply because you can’t. When you just fail to continue jotting down the sentences in a logical flow, just the way your boss or the client would have loved.

Phases of magnanimous writing or not writing at all are usual for a professional writer. But imagine the timeline looming ahead and you not being able to deliver any content. Writer’s block – has it attacked you? It’s obvious if you have been writing for the clients and the bosses for years. It’s time you remember you have someone else to care about also – your own self.

Remember writing for yourself too.

If you have taken upon the career of a writer, it must have started with one certain thing – you loved to write. As you wrote and wrote and the bucks came flying in, you forgot, you have to satisfy your own dear soul too. So, the first tip to overcome writer’s block – care for your self. Forget your readers and your timelines, for sometime at least. If you want, move away from your computer. Take your notepad and pencil and walk down to the nearest riverside or garden. Sit down, spread your legs, stretch, look up at the sky, talk to yourself. BE with yourself. Perhaps, write a few lines that comes to your mind – a hysterical poetry may be, rhythm or no rhythm, or a parody, or just any nonsense, or even what you see lie ahead of you. Don’t care what the world thinks; this is an ode to yourself, so have fun.

....To be continued.

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